Saturday, March 25, 2006


Happy Birthday, Carrie Bradshaw! (aka, Sarah Jessica Parker)

What a delight to find out that today is SJ's birthday! What a marvelous...excuse to share the following with the world--
Teary-eyed, I wrote the following when SATC wrapped up its sixth and final season just over two years ago:


I may have missed out on four years,
But I quickly made up for it in two.
And – yikes! – am I glad I did.

I watched you – the real yous –
On Oprah today.
You don’t want to let go.
Neither do I.

Teary-eyed, all of you.
We identify with you –
A little bit of all four of you
Is in all of us,
Someone in the audience

Why do all good things have
To come to an end?

Carrie, I can almost hear you
Simultaneously typing these words
And (almost melodramatically)
Why, why, why?

You’re not the only one,
Right now.

That smugly happy look
You get on your face,
When you’re (deliriously?) happy…
While, at the same time,
You clasp your hands.

I dare you – I double-dare you – to
Sip a Cosmopolitan at the same time.

I don’t have long, curly blonde hair,
Nor do I smoke…
But I am as obsessive, excessive – and delighted –
As you.

Standing on my tippy-toes is my style, too.
However, even trying on half a Manolo
Gives me leg cramps.

But that’s ok.
We don’t type with our Choos on.

I’ve become accustomed to your f(lorid) vocabulary.
And I love your little knowing look,
With your trademark half-wink, half-smile.

I’ve always been aware of your heart of gold…
And the fact that men have broken your heart
More than you let on.

That’s the bitch. Not you.

But you saved your best for last
(and not for Richard, here):
Your courage while facing breast cancer
Has – and surely will – serve as an inspiration
Long after our Sunday farewell.

Charlotte, dear Charlotte.
You’re a variation on Carrie,
But with softer edges.
(Due to your Connecticut upbringing,
to be sure.)

Your shiny head of hair
Bobbing up and down,
With that seriocomic look on your face:
Should I play it straight, or should I
Be a clown?

The truth came out today:
You’re the funniest.
Not surprised.

You may be gritty on the surface,
But your clever creators
Wisely made you the mommy, first.
You and Sam were tested in ways
That the two dream-like waifs
You call best friends
Never could have been.

Gee, SATC was a bit of a reality show, after all…
In spite of itself.

Carrie, back to you.
Thank you for wearing Roberto Cavalli
On “The Good Fight.”
It’s incredible, but true:
A piece of clothing changed my life.

Go back to your column.
Marry John (some day).
Look delighted.
Be funny.
And – above all – dream.

But please stop smoking.

Samantha, let Smith take care of you.
He truly loves you:
He’ll always give you more than his best.

Charlotte, adopt your baby.
Take care of Harry:
He’s a keeper.
And observe the Sabbath.

That first look between you and Steve
Back in Season Two said it all.
Learn to give and take with him:
He’s always been willing to go the extra mile.
He was just waiting for you to do the same.

One final farewell to you, Carrie.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, Ladies.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Monday, February 23, 2004

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