Saturday, July 29, 2006


Twenty-Five Years Ago Today... mother, my ex and I were in the midst of a trip to Montreal. Delighted enough with the European ambiance, we'd even unearthed a Hungarian bookstore, where Panni had promptly engaged in a heated argument with the proprietor in their special "language of the moon." I couldn't stop talking about the Royal Wedding--hadn't, in fact, since the engagement in February. Like a drill sergeant, I made us all get up at five o'clock so we could watch the live broadcast. The BBC coverage seemed to be both reverential and subdued (though we kept sneaking peeks at the Buffalo stations). The whole world giggled at her girlish tumble through her vows. I loved the carriage rides; the royal waves...and, of course, the kiss. How daring, we all thought.
So much has changed twenty-five years later. I just wanted to remember a special moment that will forever be frozen in time, that's all.

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